Upcoming Litters

Please see all of the beautiful dogs and puppies that we have available.  They are all well socialized and are worked with every day let it be playing, swimming, walking or learning something new. Please read "About Us" to learn about what we do with our dogs and what we guarantee you will get with a Swampdogs Labrador.

Appointments To View:

To make an appointment to visit and get to know one of these very special puppies please write to info@swampdogs.ca


We would be happy to place your name on our waiting list for the next available puppy, based on colour (black, chocolate, yellow) and gender.


You may wish to secure your puppy of choice with a $200.00 deposit. We accept email money transfer if you live out of town of for your convenience.


Everyone on the list will be notified once the next litter arrives.


A suitable home for a Swamp puppy.

Can you offer your puppy a suitable home environment? All puppies are active, playful, need a lot of attention, and love. Labradors love to get out and run, retrieve, roll in the dirt and enjoy playing in water (mud-puddle, baby pool, lake or swamp makes no difference). For great temperaments and social skills Labradors require lots of love and attention.  Taking them out to meet and greet people, dogs, kids etc. get the contact and touch to really make them who they are.  Don't be afraid to take them out to the pet stores, take part in puppy classes etc.  I am not a fan of the off-leash park as you can't control other dog's behaviours and they may scare your dog for life if you are not careful. 

The way you interact with your puppy will determine its temperament for good or bad.

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